Oh, hello! If you’re reading this, I hope you’re in a good place right now. I also hope you keep coming back to this blog to read every once in a while. My name is Kim. I’m an aspiring writer. An aspiring writer who has somehow managed not to write since graduating this past April with a degree in (go ahead, guess): English Writing.

I met a woman last night while working at my internship that inspired me to get back into writing. She told me about how she wound up in accounting and that she loves her job (for the most part). So I decided: hey. If I’m going to take writing as a career seriously, I need to dedicate 5-10 minutes of every day writing.

You know the feeling of looking at the clock when you have to get something else done, but if it’s not on the :00 or the :30, you put it off until it is? And time slips away from you, repeating the process until you say “tomorrow”? I thought to myself “just start on 1/1/2013,” but realized it would be 2016 (if I were lucky) before I wrote again.

It’s December 5th, 2012 at 5:38pm. Grab a drink and a thing (any thing) to snuggle up with and watch me write. Poems, story snippets, lists, rants, reviews, truths, lies, and in-betweens.

It’s lovely to meet you. Come back soon!


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