Top 5 women I’d very much like to be when I grow up

(Because who says we’re too old to say “when I grow up”?)

1. Kristen Stewart. Now if you know me, you know I love Kristen. I think she’s one of the most incredible people of my generation. She’s the definition of passion to me. She loves what she does. She cares so much about what she does. She only picks projects that she feels strongly about. I absolutely admire her passion. On top of that, she is honest, silly, beautiful, and brave. She is faced with so much negativity, but she carries herself the way she feels comfortable. That’s the way to live. I’d like to be like Kristen, in that I’m passionate about what I’m doing.

2. Kristen Wiig. An actress and a writer who is hilarious and, like Stewart, loves what she does. Of course, I miss her characters on SNL, but I know she’ll be back to host and more importantly, she’s following the paths that she wants to follow. I respect that. Whether that means off-screen or on-screen, I know she’s still got a solid sense of humor. If I could find a way to be even slightly as funny as Kristen Wiig, I’ll be a happy lady.

3. Grace Helbig. A youtube sensation (in my eyes) and one of the most funny people I look up to. She’s silly-funny. She likes to joke around, be sarcastic, and have fun. What more could a girl want in a career? Not to mention, she recently moved from NYC to LA, which is awesome. It’s so difficult to describe her humor, but I get it. It’s almost an… ‘I’m funny, even when I’m not trying to be and it totally works’ kind of funny. Trust me, go watch her discover One Direction or her recent Holiday Pick-up Lines video. Hilarious. See: Grace Helbig. Smart Girls w/ Amy Poehler Ep. 17

4. Sloane Crosley. I only discovered this beauty about two days ago when she appeared on Craig Ferguson. I liked her so much after that interview, I did a little research. Not only did she work at Random House Publishing as a Publicist, but she also taught at Columbia? Ok, Sloane, let’s do a few more awesome things to make you impossibly cool. Publish a few books? Sure, go for it! I haven’t picked up one of her books yet, but I have them on hold. From the snippets I’ve read, I can tell she’s an honest writer and the stories she has to tell are very funny. If I can get as far as she has by the time I’m 34, I will be living a dream (and hopefully appearing on Craig Ferguson to talk about my book too).

5. Sarah Dessen. Sarah has been my favorite romantic/teen author for years now. She writes these great characters with lovable characters who, of course, are meant to fall for each other. And as a hopeless romantic, I love that Sarah can so beautifully express love through actions and dialogue. My first novel will (hopefully) be a teen romance that makes Sarah proud. Oh and check out her twitter- her “mom” tweets are the best. Her daughter is a lucky girl!


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