Look who’s back!

If you guessed me, then yes! You’re right. Here’s a virtual high five!

I took some time over the last couple of months to focus on my new full-time job (which has since ended) and my new weekly freelance column (which is still ongoing).

Here’s what you’ve missed. In May: I dated a boy and I started a new job. In June: I made some new friends at work and I started writing for Noisetrend.com (my weekly column can be found here!). In July: I turned 23, decided to write a “23” bucket list, and was laid off from my job as a result of the economy. In August: I’m constantly noticing time passing. I don’t have answers as far as why time picks up and slows down as it chooses, but maybe this is a chance for me to realize I need to slow down.

Having to leave my full-time job was more sad than upsetting/frustrating, in that I would be leaving my friends and my routine. On the drive home from my last day, I was sure I’d cry– it was a rainy day and it was weird saying goodbye to everyone. That’s the recipe for a tear-filled drive home. Instead, I drove home feeling like I was granted a chance to find something new. To go off and do bigger, better things. To find a job that allows me to come home and think hey, I made a difference in one person’s day.

So I hope you’ll stick around to see the 23 things I plan to accomplish while I’m 23, to see me find a new job, to read some new writing, and to possibly allow me to make your day better.

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