365 Photo Project: Part Four

365 Photo Project: Part Four

When I turned 20 in 2010, I began a photo-a-day project and haven’t stopped since. “365 days of 23” is the current collection!

Now Playing: “I’m Only Joking” by KONGOS

I’m Only Joking – KONGOS

I happened to be listening to Chicago’s alternative station (Q87.7) when they played this song for the first time. Basically I’m obsessed with percussion. If a song has an awesome beat, I’m all over it. KONGOS’ “I’m Only Joking” is at the top of my favorites list. I bought the rest of their album last night on a whim, because why not? So trust me– KONGOS rocks hard. I’m not joking.

“23”: Updated (hey look who has 3/23 things done…)

1. Leave my job at IB

2. Get a new job (and love it)

3. Go back to Australia (to study, work, or take a vacation)

4. Go on a Nick/Jess date with Blake

5. Get my first tattoo (if I’m feeling brave- second and third as well)

6. Visit NYC/NJ again- without the anxiety this time

7. Visit California (esp. San Clemente & Kristen Stewart’s handprints @ TCL)

8. Get paid to write

9. Go on vacation with Amanda

10. Run a 5K without stopping

11. Do/try something new/spontaneous. Anything.

12. Have a piece published on ThoughtCatalog

13. Meet someone famous (actor/musician/writer/athlete)

14. Meet someone that impacts my life in a positive way

15. Impact someone’s life in a positive way

16. Fall in love (with a person, place, or hobby)

17. Finally finish my Invisalign treatment

18. Man up and get my wisdom teeth pulled

19. Go on a date (and maybe a second?!)

20. See the Blackhawks play in Nashville

21-23. TBD