Now Playing: “Say Something” by A Great Big World

I was having a pretty happy few weeks back in November. It felt like things were falling into place. Fast-forward to the last ten days and I can say without hesitation it’s been rough.

When you put your trust in someone, you let go. It’s a terrifying and thrilling feeling. I did that. And he took a step back. And then another step. And now I’m standing alone on a ledge, willing him to catch me (cheesy? absolutely, but it’s true).

Now while all of this is happening, “Say Something” by A Great Big World is blowing up on the radio– but with Christina Aguilera in tow? Nobody will ever get to hear the original version. Nobody will ever see it without her name stamped all over it. That bothers me to no end. These guys deserve credit for their talent without Christina. That said, listen to the original here and I dare you not to cry a little. I might be.

Say Something – A Great Big World

And to the person this song now reminds me of: I’m begging you to say something, because I’m giving up on you and I don’t want to.


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