This lady is going back to Australia!

Yep, it’s happening… and it’s official! It’s been almost three years since I was last down under and if you ask me, that’s far too long (considering I refer to Australia as a second home of mine). Now that my international flights have been booked and I bonded with the Qantas customer service girl while secretly fangirling over her accent and the reality of what was happening, you might be wondering what I’ll be doing. I’ve got two big trips booked (Cairns & the Outback), plans to see Lauren in Gold Coast, plans to see Sophie and crew in Melbourne, and plans to see Blake in Sydney. Plus some assorted adventures like bridge climbing, a tattoo, a soccer game, and re-visiting old favorite places (maybe even finding new ones).

In a nutshell: four weeks, six cities, lots of friends, even more memories, and at least twice as many photos as my summer abroad.

I’ll be writing a post about the specifics of my trip as my departure date gets closer. Time to cross a lot of things off my “23” bucket list! In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite moments from my trip in 2011:


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