25 x 25 (The Bucket List)

25x25 graphic

This is my bucket list of 25 things to do before I turn 25. I wrote this in the months leading up to my birthday (this past July), but only just managed to finalize the list. Some are repeats from my “23” list, some are general goals, but all are things that will make me feel a little more accomplished by next year. As I complete things, I’ll probably post little blurbs/Instagram pictures as evidence!

1 –  Get my Chicago tattoo and/or writing-related tattoo
2 – Get into a yoga/running routine (and stick to it for at least 3 months)
3 – No longer be in debt
4 – Visit Lauren & Kaitlyn at SLU, Jaclynn in Ohio, IWU at least twice, see Jess once
5 – Give vlogging a chance
6 – Keep up with my current 365 project
7 – Learn to be less critical of myself/compare myself less to other girls/friends/bloggers etc.
8 – Make it to 5 concerts (at least three bands I haven’t seen before)
9 – Start writing poetry again
10 – Go out more often. Do things. (Kick the anxiety.)
11 – Drink more tea/water
12- Fall in love (with a person, place, or hobby)
13 – Meet someone that impacts my life in a positive way
14 – Take a drive to Nashville for a weekend
15 – Get a full-time job
16 – Make a stranger laugh
17 – Do/try something new. Anything. (i.e. wake boarding)
18 – Run a 5k (with few stops… maybe under 40 minutes?)
19 – Learn to cook/bake more
20 – Do something for myself
21 – Go to the planetarium, aquarium, and a Blackhawks game in Chicago
22 – Watch the sunset and the sunrise over the city
23 – Move out (esp. with Amanda)
24 – Learn something new
25 – Read 24 books


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