Writing About My Outback Experience for Gapyear.com


I am beyond THRILLED to have my first piece published on Gapyear.com! Their website is a really incredible source for all things gap year/travel-related. After a lot of writing, re-writing, and re-living my experiences, my piece is officially up and it looks fantastic.

Not only did I get to write about my two personal experiences in the Outback, but I also got to share a handful of photos from both trips. I think my heart has found a permanent place for itself in the Red Centre. Getting to write about those experiences? The coolest. It’s a trip I’d encourage anyone to take, because there is nothing like it. I’ve never felt so big and so small in one place.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading a guide on how to camp in the Outback, here’s the place to do it. Dare you not to read it and wish you could fly there immediately. Yeah, it’s that convincing!

And stay tuned, because I plan on writing more about my Aussie travel experiences for Gapyear.com in the near future!