Happy Australia Day 2015!


I don’t know how long it took for Australia Day to become a permanent fixture in my life, but over time it has become an eerie subconscious feeling. Like the universe lets me know in advance that it’s approaching. About a week ago, I stumbled upon a stash of Tim Tams at Target (God Bless America). They haven’t showed up there in years, so I stocked up. A few nights later, I had a dream I was back in Sydney. I wore my new itty bitty compass necklace to work that day. Next thing I know, it’s the 26th and I’m oozing with jealousy over all of my Aussie friends and their celebrations. There’s a slight chance that I’m just jealous that they’re in the middle of summer while it’s snowing over here.

Just because I’m 17 hours behind and over 9,000 miles away doesn’t mean I’m not going to celebrate my second home! I did it the only way I could: by pre-ordering one of my favorite Australian band’s albums, eating lots of Tim Tams, hanging up the bunting from my last trip, and drinking my favorite cider (the one I bought constantly while living in Melbourne).

Oops, left my heart in Australia. Guess I have to go get it back.

(Bonus photo: How cute does my bunting look hanging up over my world map?)