Now Playing: November 2014 Edition

It’s that time of year where I begin daydreaming about summer nights. And that means this playlist is almost entirely country (oops?). The country station has been a frequent friend of mine while stuck in traffic lately, so it’s been great timing for so many artists to be hitting the airwaves. Between Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Lee Brice, and Brad Paisley, I think I’ve got that genre covered for a while.

Now, this is groundbreaking news coming from me: I had a bit of a revelation that Taylor Swift is a pretty good songwriter. She even earned herself two spots below! (You’re welcome, TSwift) … so 1989 is a great album. I gotta give her that. I gave her a chance and I think she finally delivered with an album that everybody will get hooked on. Speaking of pop music, I sprinkled in some Kat Dahlia, Sara Bareilles, and Imagine Dragons, plus two awesome indie tracks (“Trainwreck 1979” and “Hymnals”). Recipe for a perfect pre-winter playlist.

Now, bring on the turkey so we can get back to sunshine and summer….

Eric Church – Talladega
Taylor Swift – Bad Blood
Death From Above 1979 – Trainwreck 1979
Florida Georgia Line – Dirt
HAERTS – Wings
Parmalee – Close Your Eyes
Kat Dahlia – Crazy
Brad Paisley – Perfect Storm
Bebe Rexha – I Can’t Stop Drinking About You
Lee Brice – Love Like Crazy
Sara Bareilles – Gonna Get over You
Thomas Rhett – Make Me Wanna
Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life
Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat
Taylor Swift – Style
Grizfolk – Hymnals




Now Playing: June 2014 Edition

JUNE WAS SUCH A GREAT MONTH FOR MUSIC THIS YEAR. From Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith to Passenger and Jason Lancaster, let’s call it a music gold mine. This doesn’t happen very often, so I hope you listen with open ears to what I’ve selected—there’s lots to like.

Breaking things down, we start off very mellow, thanks to the phenomenally sad The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack. From there, add a dash of country (Billy Currington), alternative (Young Rising Sons—this might be my song of the summer), and Aussie indie rock (The Cam Nacson band—thanks Blake!). I got a little friendly with top 40 hits this month, thanks to Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea, but you can’t deny it’s catchy. Rounding things out, I picked two of my favorite tracks off Passenger’s new album, a couple other country favorites, and two of my (current) favorite Jason Lancaster songs. Toward the end of the month, I discovered a band from Chicago, Mighty Fox, who will hopefully do big things. Their new EP is worth checking out.

What are you all listening to this month?

Ed Sheeran All Of The Stars
Birdy – Tee Shirt
M83 – Wait
The Stationary Set – Close Enough
Billy Currington – We Are Tonight
Young Rising Sons – High
The Cam Nacson Band – No Other Plan
SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse
Ariana Grande – Problem
Ed Sheeran – Sing
MAGIC! – Don’t Kill the Magic
Big Data – Dangerous (feat. Joywave)
Passenger – Golden Leaves
Passenger – Riding To New York
Lady Antebellum – Bartender
Lee Brice – I Don’t Dance
Sam Smith Stay With Me
Rachel Taylor – Porcelain
Jason Lancaster – Change
Jason Lancaster – Hey Jude
Mighty Fox – Wild Ones


Now Playing: May 2014 Edition

Confession: you’re about to find a lot of country on this month’s playlist. I put the blame on warmer weather, weekends in southern Illinois, and Hart of Dixie (if you don’t already watch this, I highly suggest it. Lots of great actors. Quirky, small town in the south, and lots of attractive dudes with accents). Long story short… all of those things bring out the country in me. In between, I have: pinches of Alt/Indie (The Wild Wild, Jasia), Alternative (Slaves, The Cab, Birds of Tokyo), and Pop (no shame, I’m digging Cody Simpson’s new track). Also, there’s one band I HIGHLY suggest. I love everything I’ve heard from them so far. Their name is The Wind And The Wave… their sound is a little alt, a little country, and a lot awesome.

Enjoy! Let me know what you’re all listening to recently. Anyone I should check out?

Brantley Gilbert – Bottoms Up
Tyler Farr – Whiskey in My Water
Passenger – Heart’s On Fire
The Wild Wild – Alright
Jasia – Inverbatim
Slaves – The Fire Down Below
The Wind and The Wave – With Your Two Hands
Summer Heart – I Wanna Go
Perrin Lamb – Little Bit
David Nail – Kiss You Tonight
The Cab – Lock Me Up
Jason Michael Carroll – Meet Me In the Barn
Billy Currington – Let Me Down Easy
Twin Forks – Who’s Looking Out
Keane – Everybody’s Changing
Josh Abbott Band – Touch
Dustin Hatzenbuhler – Nothing Better
Cody Simpson – SURFBOARD
Sam Smith – Lay Me Down
Birds Of Tokyo – The Gap


The White Pickup Truck

Down a back road lined with

soy beans and dried up corn stalks,

he said I’ll make a country girl outta you yet

and let me borrow his old, white pickup truck.

I watched the sun glint off an abandoned fishhook

between the dashboard and windshield.

What was just another Saturday for me

was his first day called up for battle,

fighting the front lines against

the mass in his chest. I felt the weight

of the heat suddenly, as if the dusty tint

of his addiction sealed the windows shut.

I rolled them down manually, the

thick air moved around me and

the stack of crushed maps

the pair of dry socks

the tackle box

smelled different. The country song

on the radio sounded too sad,

like not even whiskey could make things

better. I just wanted to make him

feel better, stronger, healthier.

So I followed that back road

to a main road onto Route 66

and drove until the fishhook

stopped glowing white,

the soot on the windows disappeared,

and the country music sounded happy.

In June, I became a country girl.