Tomorrow I get to meet the man whom I wrote my college entrance essay on. I was accepted to that school. I graduated from that school. In the spirit of excitement, here’s a list of the top ten people who inspire me on a daily basis (in no particular order).

1. Pete Wentz (Musician, Writer)

2. John Green (Writer, father)

3. Sarah Dessen (Writer, mother)

4. Kristen Stewart (Actress)

5. Kristen Wiig (Actress, comedienne)

6. Grace Helbig (Actress, comedienne)

7. Hank Green (Internet sensation)

8. Joanne Diaz (Professor at IWU)

9. Mike Theune (Professor at IWU)

10. (Cheating here, because this 10th spot is always changing) Currently: Isaac Marion (Author of ‘Warm Bodies”)

Thank you. All of you, for inspiring me to stay motivated and passionate. I look up to every single one of you. You all are really incredible and I’m thankful to know you (whether it be personally or through your work).